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Hey again everybody, here’s a new little thing I made this morning for healthy eating. These are most of the rules I follow. Just remember though, it is perfectly fine to treat yourself, but once in a while. Treat yourself when you accomplish something big: Getting an A on a test, getting hired at the job you want, defeating the reapers, etc. That deserves a chocolate bar or going out with friends for a burger. Just don’t do it every day, otherwise it’ll ruin your progress! Be kind to yourself and your body; know what it wants, and what it could do without.

I personally can’t eat any fast food anymore. It tastes good going down, but my body really doesn’t agree with it and I end up feeling sick. Instead, try going to a cheap but tasty restaraunt where everything is freshly made, like a sushi restaraunt, chinese restaraunt, or an actual burger restaraunt where they GRILL their burgers, not take them out of boxes and microwave them. (blech!)

Also, remember to check out my food and recipes page on my blog for all the healthy eating/recipes/food porn posts I reblog or make! Thanks again for all the love for my Shepard workout post, it really means a lot to me! I hope I can keep making things like these to help you on your journeys to becoming healthy! :)

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