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Hey everyone, so I decided to share with you my workouts that I’m doing for my FemShep cosplay, as well as a playlist that I have for my workouts. They’re really simple, and I have more to add to this soon. This is what I’m doing to achieve a lean, fit and healthy/strong body for my FemShep cosplay this summer!

What I usually do:

Crunches during every loading screen of Skyrim/ME/AC3, or commercials if I’m watching TV, including a 30-day crunch challenge I’m doing with my boyfriend.

I do a 30 second plank every night before bed. It REALLY works your core!
 I have a bad back so if I have a sore back that day, I do extra squats or crunches instead.

I do about 20 squats every day.

I also use my elliptical machine as often as I can.

On top of this, I’m also eating a healthier diet, cutting out junk foods as much as I can but also treating myself once in a while. I love eating LOTS of fruits and veggies, and I’m also eating whole grain (NOT whole wheat!) breads, and lean meats.


If you guys would like me to make more things like this, such as healthy foods, more workouts/exercises, or other cosplay things, just let me know! :) Hope you don’t mind my puns haha.

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